Best Smartphone of 2012

Who does’t have a smart phone these days, cell phones are no longer something people talk on, but more or less live there lives through, it has become something more of an extention to there lives which they take everywhere with them , like the old american express card commercial that said ” dont leave home with out it” people are now doing the same with there phones.

How many times have you been on your travels or just out and about and people are just so glued to there devices that they sometimes talk to it as if it would respond, that’s because in most casses or depending on the model of phone you have the phone may respond back to you, such as the ipone models. Smartphones especially the newer models allow you to connect much better with your world.

Smartphones, some of the best smartphones of 2012 dont just allow you to go online and browse the internet, but also knows and plays a part of your business life, your social life, your intertainment likes and more. Synching more into your life.

The basics of every smartphones from iphones ,androids to RIM phones will allow you to synch your information from your computer to your phone and vise versa. So what you didn’t get to finish at home you can take with you on the go and finish it at another time. which makes your life much easier for you to keep track of and manage better.

There’s even a word for it reffered to by Apple called “ecosystem” and what all the best smartphones of 2012 will have in common will be the ability to mesh with your day to day happenings, and allow you to do what you do better and in most casses faster.

There are so many phones to choose from in a mix of diffrent colors and styles, you just have to find the one that fits your needs and fits what you do on a day to day and your ready to go.

We love TECH!


iPhone 5

The Galaxy Samsung S3

HuBlackBerry Bold 9900

awei Ascend G300

Sony Xperia S

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