Sending an SMS from your Computer Overview

Sending an SMS from your computer to a phone or even to their email is much simpler and faster in comparison with all the tiny screen and limited keypad of your cell phone. In the typical scenario, involving sending an SMS to a cellphone-number, you open your e-mail program and type in a whole new message. Then type in the cell-contact number you would like to send the content using the following format

Most cell-phone service providers allocate emails to their client numbers to enable them to receive email texts. To recognize the website of any particular service provider, have a look at their websites. Once you have entered the telephone number in this format, enter your message and click send. Your message is going to be delivered. You might like to test this utilizing your own cellphone number.

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To send SMS from a computer to a different person’s email address, compose a note just like you would normally would. In this case, enter their email to the slot in which you would normally put a number.

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