S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

One of the newest additions to the Samsung lineup, the Galaxy S4 review looks at the best features that this cellphone provides, such as sleek technological innovation and flawless design that easily obliterates the competition.

This Android features a 16M color touchscreen with 5-inch pixel density, relaying a clean, crisp view that’s more than personable and customizable enough for each and every one of its users —and its HD resolution leaves enormous and expensive plasma or LED screens much to be desired. The phone even has a Quad-core Qualcomm processor, improved camera and audio systems, and extensive battery life —one that only a fifteen-minute charge could deliver up to 20% of power to an empty battery.

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However, such a mighty design like the Samsung Galaxy S4 has its own flaws. For example, the design is plain and plastic, which detracts and distracts from its features. The phone also has a limited 2 GB RAM. While its weight and screen resolution is impressive, the latter’s dimness is much more pronounced than that of its competitors; in addition, a split-second lag occurs between actions like starting a call or opening an application that relegates its features to clumsiness. Nevertheless, future roll-outs compensate for these minor flaws.

With this Samsung Galaxy S4 review, our verdict is this: while its basket of new features may be confusing to new users, dependability, versatility and creativity is more than enough to impress its consumers and sets an even higher bar in the fast-paced world of mobile phone electronics.

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