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Finding the most excellent packaging suppliers to be able to work with the best packaging companies uk can be a bit of a challenge, that’s why being a packaging solutions buyer I’d be eager to share and pass on my experiences to peers and co-workers who have been in my shoe.

I am doing work for a well established manufacturer of branded range of household flours and other related products. Because of this, my job is to contract with specialist bag manufacturers that are well known as paper sacks suppliers. Following a thorough assessment of the capabilities and abilities of the company, I personally selected them to create and produce eye-catching and efficient packaging in the UK. One good reason that I selected such company is because I can get all of my sack styles in one location.

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What has continually impressed me is the fact that they are working with me in the development of packaging to match my needs and their philosophy of making sure that all their customers should receive the best quality when it comes to papers, print and manufacture. Because of the fact that they fully understand me and my company’s objectives for a paper sack they deliver solutions that are cost effective.

With several awards for their good quality packaging printing they can produce flexographic print in up to 8 colours, whilst in the area of packaging design they’re cutting edge with a custom graphic design service that combines with a technical team that recommends the top performing papers for my packaging, including an ability to work with highly technical papers such as grease proof and co-extruded polymer barrier papers for more specialist performance.

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