Online Computer Security Degree Program Information

An online computer security degree program prepares students to organize, plan and maintain security for a company’s computer information system. Computer security people and technicians ensure that network and systems safe from viruses and hackers. These programs are typically offered by computer forensics and investigations departments in schools. The students are taught about core skills, techniques, legal ramifications and investigation tools related to computer security.

Common Courses under Online Computer Security Program

a) Basics of Computer Science Theory Course

This course includes file and database structure, computers and society, software engineering, architecture, computation theory and computer-human interaction along with programming logics.

b) Computer Programming and Web Design Concepts

Simple or structured data types, procedures, number and operating systems, control structures, hardware and web design and basics of networking are taught.

c) Computer Literacy Course

Things like computer concepts, technology and software, professional and personal fundamentals, internet tools etc. are taught with extensive exercises and assignments.

Associate degree programs in Computer Networking Security

Students who wish to learn computer technology and information security simultaneously can take up this program and learn about principles of computer science, information security and computer networking.

What are the education pre requisites?

Familiarity with computer and keyboard are needed before applying to an associate program. Apart from this, most programs prefer to take high school graduates or those who provide evidence of alternate secondary schooling.

What is the coursework covered under this program?

A basic course in computer networking and information technology along with foundation courses in science, mathematics, humanities and English have to be completed. The core courses on the other hand include:

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  • Encryption
  • Security administration
  • Fundamentals of computer science
  • Networking and data communications
  • Security and loss prevention
  • Cyber law
  • Computer programming

What are the online master’s degree programs?

Individuals who further wish to move ahead in this field can take up a master’s degree. The contents covered in a master’s program are:

a) Information security and management

Problems with network security, systems and computer applications are covered in this subject. Analyzing and designing the network or information systems, vulnerable topics, access control, firewalls, risk management, auditing etc are also taught.

b) Foundation course in computer and database security

There is simulation of scenes and many examples are used in steps to give a detailed insight of profiles, roles, passwords, privileges, auditing and verification. Not only this, the course educates upon security tools of the model and type checkers, encryption, theorem proving, routers, digital signatures, servers and gateways.

c) Digital computer forensics and investigations

Overall investigations and forensic analysis of computer system are covered in this along with reporting, testimony, indexing documents, cyber crime, incidents, image file recovery and expert witnesses so that there is more hands on experience to the students.

Career prospects after computer security degree

You can be a cyber security researcher, a network security technician, a security specialist, information security analyst or a network and system administrator.

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