Have Lots of Money? Now What

You may think that if you stumble upon a lot of money, all of your worries are over. Actually, those worries are about to turn into different worries. The lottery can change lives, as can other sweepstakes that give people a ton of cash all at once. Sometimes, people inherit money either knowing it was coming, or it being willed to them by surprise. No matter how you come into money, you can not sit back and think about your vacation plans or where you want to go shopping first. You have to protect yourself from financial ruin. It happens more often than you may think.

You can lose a lot of money just as quickly as you got it. Some people think their prayers have been answered and that they never have to worry about anything every again. The truth is that without some careful planning and consideration, as well as legal advice, all of that glorious money can disappear very quickly, putting you right back where you started. Sometimes, large sums of money that should make everyone happy leads to split families and divorces, even in the strongest couples. Have a plan before you touch a penny of your windfall.

When a lot of money comes your way, try not to tell anyone about it right away. This may be the time to go on a vacation with what you have just gotten, but don’t tell anyone where you are going. You have to have time to talk to a lawyer and an accountant before people start asking you for money. You may think your friends and family wouldn’t descent upon you, but that is rarely true. Not only are those that you love going to want to know how much they can have, you are going to have all type of charities and other organizations calling you. It is overwhelming and can be hard to deal with out of the blue.

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You need to talk to an accountant about paying the taxes on this money, and you may need a lawyer to help you keep a level head about it. You may want to help everyone you know, but that may not be possible. You need time to think about who you really want to help and how you can help them. You may want to give to charity, but you need time to decide how much and which one. A lot of money is a lot to spend, so it makes sense you may want to help others, but you want to have a level head about it and to give it thought. That vacation is a good idea.

Come up with a plan for saving, investing, and helping others before you come home. People are often overwhelmed and go on a huge shopping spree that eventually leaves them broke. A lawyer can draw up papers to protect you and your spouse, and that money you just got. It is not as simple as just living a great life now. You have to have a plan in place to avoid many of the pitfalls that leave those that come into a lot of money broken and beaten. Be smart about your money so you can take care of your family and have it last a lifetime and beyond.

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