Is the Lithium Battery All That Great

Batteries have come a long way. If you buy lithium batteries, you will find that they last a lot longer than alkaline batteries, and with today’s advanced electronics, this is a huge bonus. If you find that you go through batteries like you go through bread, you should consider switching to a lithium battery to give yourself a little more time between battery purchases. You may also find that you get better performance when using this type of battery.

If you have a digital camera, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. When I got my new camera last Christmas, I bought regular alkaline batteries for it. Within one day, those batteries were dead. I couldn’t believe it. I read though the booklet that came with my camera, and it suggested a lithium battery for my camera. I went out and got one. While they didn’t last forever, it was a huge improvement. They cost a bit more, but overall, it was worth the price.

You can find a lithium battery in almost any size you need. Small AAA batteries now come as a lithium battery, as well as the larger D batteries. There are even special batteries like the CR V3 you can get for additional life. This type of lithium battery was made especially for electronics that use a lot of power. They aren’t only for digital cameras, either. They are great for portable DVD players, MP3 players, and other handheld entertainment devices.

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When buying a lithium battery for your camera or DVD player, don’t forget to look into rechargeable batteries. These vary in price, and you can get almost any battery in the rechargeable variety. Some will plug into your wall at home, while others can also plug right into the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. This is great for a long road trip when you need to recharge on the go.

You can buy a single use lithium battery almost anywhere you shop. You can also get the rechargeable kind, and they will be on the same rack in most cases. The prices will vary, but when buying batteries, spending a few extra dollars will buy you more power. If you need a hard to find lithium battery, you can look online to find what you need. Specialty batteries are often hard to find locally, but chances are good someone online is going to have exactly what you need.

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