Ignite the Excitement at Your Store Opening with a Mascot Costume

A brand new store opening is exciting, but when the attendance is limited during your grand opening it can take away from the anticipated excitement. Ensure the success of your grand opening by using an adult mascot costume to really stir up the excitement. With so many different types of mascot costumes available for purchase, there’s bound to be a perfect fit for your business. Use a mascot that ties into your business name or category to stand outside your store, near the closest busy street, to wave to passerby. This will catch the attention of those that weren’t aware of your store’s existence as well as help to inform everyone that your long anticipated opening is finally occurring. Bring the crowds in droves when you use the assistance of a mascot costume.

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With cheap mascot costumes it is one of the most affordable, yet effective means of advertising. Flyers, cards, newspaper ads and other means of advertising can get quite costly and aren’t always as effective as we hoped. A mascot is a tried and true form of advertising that is sure to bring more customers to your store. Use the mascot both on the street to bring customers in and then again inside the store to increase the excitement, especially the excitement of the children. People that are excited about your opening are bound to spend more money, making your advertising efforts very fruitful. A mascot is a tried and true way to increase the excitement as well as the sales efforts of a brand new store. Don’t leave your grand opening to chance; use a mascot to ensure your success!

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