How to Fix your Phone After Water Damage

What if you’ve dropped you cell phone in the bath? Or the toilet, or even out in the rain? Well the advice on how to fix your phone water damage is quite varied. In fact, there is much conflicting advice on the correct thing to do.

Well, What Should I do?

Well, what do you do if you have water damage in phone? Cell phone water damage best practice is to not turn the device on. If this happens, you are in danger of causing serious damage due to electrical malfunctions inside.

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If you pat the device dry with soft paper and then use a hairdryer to gently blow away any moisture, you’ll be well on the way to prevent any additional water damage in phone. To fix this completely, it’s a good idea to get a box with a few cups of rice and place the phone inside. If left overnight, the rice will soak up and eliminate any further moisture hiding in the there.

Hopefully, this has solved the problem and once you turn the device on it works ok. The tips have been proven to work, however, you may also want to seek advice from your phone insurance company if you require any further advice.

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