Fantastic Ideas For Kids Parties

Mad Science is the best place to be if you’re looking for the most wonderful holiday camps and science themed kids camp in London. We offer an incredible holiday science camp in London for kids that is full of wonderful activities like hands-on chemistry experiments to goofy food science, just to mention a few. In addition they provide kids summer camp in Cambridge, for children who are looking for a fun and one of a kind summer activity to spend the long weeks.

Kids in London can also enjoy days of fun and learning as well as take home a variety of gifts each and every week from our science rich kids summer camp in London for teens and youngsters. We at Mad Science want to ensure that kids will remember the activity and retain all the new science concepts that they have learned by providing a little souvenirs after every meeting.

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If you’re searching for great Kids party ideas, Mad Science also has kids parties for you to pick from. They operate all over the UK, with kids party Cambridge, kids party Watford, and science parties for kids London.

Finally, Mad Science has an incredible after school club London, for kids who need something interesting to do after classes have ended. Fascinating topics like dinosaurs, astronomy, and marine life will really raise your children’s interest. Programmes offered by Mad Science combine imagination with learning which will provide your children a well rounded education and a headstart.

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