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EMD or Exact Match Domains for several years have been a faster way for a business to position well in the search engine results page. In order to give a good example of exact domain match on web design, the domain could be ‘web design in leeds’ or ‘web design leeds‘. In this year’s major Google algorithm changes exact match domains, where they cannot be reconciled against the company name, no longer gives the same amount of advantage. For those of you who have used your big hitting keywords in your domain well this no longer work to offer you the same advantage, unless this is your business name, and Google can find the words web design leeds next to your business address as well as other clear examples that this is your business name. Altering your business name in order to suit demonstrates complete lack of creativity and carries with it all the businesses reasons to build a brand, which keyword rich domains are not capable of achieving.

This year, it was apparent that previous top performing keyword rich domains were removed from the EMD benefit and plenty of them started to experience some fall on their rankings; those that remained are the ones having a good quality backlink profile and those that have keywords within the domain.

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Achieving a top rank for its services by way of having an excellent natural backlink profile and relevant content in the form of copy on both 3rd party sites and target site is what a business must do for it to show natural relevance to the algorithm.

An internet marketing company that are specialist providers of seo leeds can certainly help your business achieve greater rankings in the major search engines.

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