A Double Feature Of Protection

When I moved into my town-home just a few months ago I was asked by my insurance company if I wanted renter’s insurance. I decided not to due to financial reasons, but I did decide to activate the home security system that was already installed. I soon found out that both my home and workplace have the same security system company, check them out here to see what they offer for commercial properties: http://www.ca-securityalarms.com/commercial-alarms. Then I became curious as to how
the two compare to one another, so I looked up the pricing guide at www.ca-securityalarms.com/security-alarm-pricing. It was interesting to me to see how the prices compare to the services listed at residential versus commercial locations. I am still fully satisfied with where I am at in my town-home; I just found it very entertaining to know that both my home and work offer the same security company’s business. That must mean this business knows their stuff and does it right. So I am not worried about the renter’s insurance situation at my new pad, this system meets my needs and I do like the price for the security they offer.

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