New developments in the use of digital technology in pet care

Every business is looking for ways to cut costs in today’s tough economic times, and this is true in the field of veterinary medicine also. Specialty veterinary practices in particular, which are smaller than hospitals and do not typically have the budgets that hospitals have, are in need of affordable options for equipment and software used for diagnostic purposes in their medical practices. One great way to extend the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your digital imaging system is to add an affordable PACS system to it. With a Radiology PACS, Veterinary PACS or Cardiology PACS in place, you will then have the ability to view, distribute and store the digital medical images taken from your digital imaging acquisition system.

Viewing digital images is greatly improved with a clinical workstation outfitted with a PACS appliance. Digital images can be enhanced through the use of pan, zoom and rotate features, and the brightness and contrast can be adjusted to bring the picture to the best resolution for diagnostic purposes. If you have multiple physicians at you medical facility, through the use of a PACS they can all see the same images simultaneously, which improves your office productivity and workflow.

Distributing digital images could not be easier when your system is online. It is as simple and quick as sending an ordinary email message. This saves a great deal of money over creating hard copies of film x-rays and then paying to send them through the mail. This also goes a long way toward making it much easier to receive small animal cardiology consultation results quickly, which helps to improve patient care when time is of the essence. Please click here for more information

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Storing digital medical images taken from a variety of modalities, such as MRI, PET/CT, X-ray, mammographies and others is possible through the use of the DICOM medical imaging format. Although the images may come from different modalities, they are all saved in DICOM format, and can thus be read by other types of medical hardware and software, such as the PACS, which is then able to store your digital images efficiently.

Digital images may be sent to a server at your office, and they can also be stored at a server located at an off-site area. In this way, your medical records would be secure in a digital environment should a disaster such as a fire or flood strike. Automation of many of the routine storage tasks is yet another advantage, along with distribution and viewing that comes from using an affordable PACS system scaled to meet the needs of small- and mid-sized medical facilities.

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