Recent developments in th use of book scanning technology.

When an author writes a book, he has the thought in his mind that he wants the book to be read not only by the current generation but also the generation to come.
Technology especially in computing has greatly improved that it has eased the work of so many things we encounter in our lives. The invention of book scanners has greatly eased all the work of photocopying and scanning of each and every page of a book. It is very fast and efficient for use because some of them are automatic so the pages are turned automatically while scanning.

Book scanning involves a book being converted into digital media by using an image scanner such as a ScanPro microfiche scanner. This digital media includes images, e-books and text which are electronics.

The main benefit of using a book scanner means that information in a book can be easily read on a screen. Using a microfilm scanner a book is placed on a V-shaped platform and a camera take pictures of each and every page, each page of the book is turned automatically.
When the entire book has been scanned software is used to adjust, crop and edit the images in the book, the end result being an e-book all ready to read.

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The advantage of using a book scanner:
A book scanner is the best and fastest way of converting a book to an E-book. Some scanners can scan more than 1200 pages of a book in very few minutes in comparison with a traditional scanner which can take more than an hour scanning the same number of pages.

During the scanning process using a book scanner, the book is placed on a V-shaped platform, ensuring that there will be no damage the binding of the book, as can sometimes occur with the use of other types of scanner.
When a book is scanned its contents are preserved and the images that are captured are of high quality.

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