Custom Flexible Packaging Solutions in the united kingdom

Providing a National Flexible procedure for supplying your packaging films, that is specific in the industry. Wherever achievable we will always try to decrease your packaging needs in a way that adds value to your company and the way it operates. We agree to work with our customers in making certain that there is a seamless supply of films in the correct quantities, provided promptly and at the value agreed on, and due to this, we are quite remarkable flexible packaging distributors.

Our concept of zero client investment, zero lead time and also one fixed price has helped us to stay at the very foreground of providing polyester films to a food business. Utilised broadly because of its low price, high clarity, general power and its good machine ability, the polypropylene film is a material that is utilised with great dependability in lot of packaging applications. OPP Film Plain OPP, a low cost all purpose film which is created for packing bakery products, cakes, confectionery and also stationery, is also classified under that category. By using it on different types of machinery is achievable due to its versatile design.

With the combination of just one web film, it is achievable for National Flexible to understand a wide range of custom-made laminated film which will suit the appearance, shelf life, overall performance as well as device ability that you will require in your packaging films because of our technical experience and expertise.

We love TECH!

For a storage of sensitive or long life items Aluminium offers the greatest barrier with its width of 15 microns. PET films outer layer provides a tough glossy finish; paper gives tearability for easy opening. If you are thinking about certain products on VFFS or sachet equipment for packing up powders, liquids, gels, granules along with other things, it is possible for seal layer to become customized in order to reach those needs.
You can perfectly use heat -sealable polyester lidding films to heat up food in CPET or APET trays such as ready meals, desserts plus sauces. It will weld-seal to CPET trays and is ovenable nearly 220C. Whether cold or hot, the alternative seal layers tend to be peelable.

To use benefit of the market’s demand for fast moving, high quality and low quantity printed film, we ensured the progression of our Digital Print Support.

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