Cell Phones or Tablets?

Just when we thought cell phone couldn’t get any smarter, along came the tablets, with apple leading the way. But tablets are not phones yet they have everything but the telecommunications technology in them but with a much bigger screen. Mind you, it is possible to use VOIP although this isn’t as convenient as a cell phone for chatting most of the time, especially when on the move.

Ah but Hang on Minute

The gap, it seems, between smart phone and tablet has been closed by another leader in electronics technology. Samsung has brought out a cross between a Smartphone and a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy s3 has been the most anticipated new electronic device since the launch of iPad 1. There’s certainly been plenty of advertising hype surrounding this piece of electronic wizardry.

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How good is the Samsung Galaxy s3?

So is it really as good as they make it out to be? Only time will tell, because at the time of writing there are not enough consumer reviews to enable an accurate assessment, but early feedback looks promising.

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