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Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s the kid in me that still likes to binge on candy. Maybe I like spooky ghosts. But I know that I love when people dress up in costumes. Dressing up in costumes is a great way for people to be creative, or silly, or witty, or scary. I love all of those things. I look forward to Halloween every year and love browsing through costume shops as soon as I can. Well, at least I used to. Now I tend to shop for most of my Halloween costumes online.

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The are some benefits (and a few downsides) to buying my Halloween costumes online. First of all, you don’t have to try to find a Halloween costume shop. Many of them are seasonal, and spring up and hard locations to find. Even once you get inside, Halloween stores don’t get any easier. They’re usually under-staffed and a big mess, to put it nicely. There’s usually no system of organization to speak of – good luck finding something in particular. Especially as it gets closer to Halloween, the place resembles a junk heap – and the people swarm in like vultures. No thanks.

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