How My Alarm Clock Failed Me Horribly

The digital alarm clock woke me with its frantic beeping. I looked at it. It was not one of those normal travel digital alarm clocks, the alarm clock radio deals that you see in every hotel room, but my own high-quality timepiece. You see, time is very important to me. When you’re paid as much as I am, and when you work as hard as I do, time really is money. And according to my atomic alarm clock, I was losing money this morning.

I am rather picky about sleep. I cannot sleep with too much noise, or with too little noise. In addition to owning the most precise digital alarm clock that exists, one that will wake me up at the correct time to the instant, I also have a noise generator. It has several settings, including ocean sounds, sounds of the forest, and even gentle background traffic sounds from the city. It works like a dream.

But nothing had been working out that weekend. I had tried all the settings, but nothing was working for me. I had slept horribly. I had had the most awful dreams, and spent most of the night tossing and turning. And now the digital alarm clock had failed me too. My trusted atomic digital alarm clock that was always perfect, that was always set for exactly the right time to wake me up with minimal stress and perfect timing. That had failed to wake me up on time. I was already half an hour late.

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It has often been said that you can’t publicly fail at what you specialize in. If you work as a professional web designer, your website cannot be badly designed or have errors in it. If you work as a salesman, you cannot fall for a bad product, or be taken in by a scam. And most of all, if you sell digital alarm clocks – as I do – you cannot be late for your meetings. But there I was with the most flawless design for a digital alarm clock, and I was running late. What could I do? Blame the clock for not waking me up on time?

Then I looked outside. The roads were covered with snow, and it was coming down fast. And I suddenly realized why my digital alarm clock had failed. The power had flickered last night! I was saved. No one would be in on time.

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