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Many sites find that the launch of a microsite coming from a Professional Web Design Company, can be remarkably beneficial for the promotion of their business. Essentially, a microsite is the name presented to a web page or small cluster of pages that are designed supplement a primary web page. With regards to the web design of these sites, however, a various problems are known to come up in terms of promotion. There are a selection of solutions that designers could consider, including:

Prominent Company Branding – With this solution, the company or primary website’s branding takes priority over the branding of the microsite. Whilst this ensures that the firm is clearly defined, it can actually make it more complicated to come up with a welcoming page. It can also cause the navigation to become difficult, which is not ideal for usability. So make sure when looking for any Professional Web Design Company that they have this in their porfolio.

No Secondary Branding – In this choice, there is no branding to the microsite and it is all aimed at the primary company. Whilst this provides for a clean-cut web site design, it poses a number of difficulties, including that the microsite will go basically undetected and that it will be a special design. This may be the least popular answer with Professional Web Design Company.

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Prominent Microsite Branding – In this solution, the organization branding will still be showcased, but the branding of the microsite will take priority. Whilst this creates more prospect of a exceptional and unique web design and offers a number of marketing benefits, the branding of the primary company could go completely unseen.

One-Page Promo – In this alternative, the microsite’s branding functions prominently and the primary company will be brought up in a small capacity. Whilst this can boost your clickthrough rate for your primary company and supplies a wide variety of inventive possibilities, it will not work for a a number of page website design that some Professional Web Design Company will provide.

No Company Branding – Through this solution, the microsite is designed as a different website with its own url of your website and so on, with little to no reference to the primary company. Whilst this enables plenty of artistic freedom and branding is easy, visitors will remain clueless of the presence of your primary business and your clickthrough rate will be low.

On the subject of the creation of a microsite for one’s company, many people tend to select the third solution, as it offers the best balance between the branding of the microsite and of the primary company in the web design. In saying this, there are a variety of situations that could force you to choose one of the other solutions, the second most popular tending to be # 5 and # 4. You’ll want to, however, avoid number two, as it raises more troubles than it solves so stay away from Professional Web Design Company, that consider this strategy.

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