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Finally, high school life’s over! Though sad, it marks a new set of challenges ahead – challenges that will attest your skills – events that will help mold your craft to transform you into the kind of connoisseur you have always been destined to be. A product of all your aspirations. While Brigham Young University stands out from the crowd for a veritable level of quality college education, being from the other side of town can be quite a conflict, especially when it’s your first time to board in a place away from home – all for the sake of your dreams! For the female populace, however, there are a lot of advantages. One of which would be the fact that an effective BYU-Idaho girls housing can be easily spotted. Perhaps The Ivy Apartments should fulfill all your needs for a cozy daily retreat.

Now, of all the choices available, why go for The Ivy? To begin with, it boasts a network of advanced features and amenities. All apartments are integrated with air-condition and heating equipment. Next would be the spacious lounge area where you can get to ball with all your girl friends after a tiring day at the university, for a group study or for a movie marathon on a Saturday night! The bathroom areas are also bigger than you could ever need, vanity areas all come with sinks and there’s a gym area where you can stay fit and healthy throughout your four-year college endeavors. Also, their crew will pick up your accumulated garbage three times a week, which saves your time and energy. The only thing you have to do is leave them by the linoleum floors. Rest assured, they will drop by!

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Additionally, you can take advantage of the free shuttle services that will take you to the campus, grocery stores, Wal Mart and other spots throughout Rexburg. To reserve a slot in The Ivy Apartments ahead of time, click here now.

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