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Camera Remotes

Do you have a remote control for your camera? If so you can do some really cool stuff like time lapse photos!

If you are interested in time lapse photography, then a camera remote can be really great. It can be really difficult to do any time lapse photography at all without a proper camera remote. And anyway, when you need to think in minutes instead of microseconds, you can’t just hold a camera that still. A remote-controlled shutter is the only way.

There are other uses for a camera remote control too. With a remote, you’re allowed to step away from the controls and be a part of the action if you want.

Remote controlled camera, HD remote-controlled camera rinkside

Remote controlled camera, HD remote-controlled camera rinkside—BradJones9 (

For a camera remote that can control all kinds of other functions, your options can be kind of complicated. For instance, if you have a Canon SLR and and an Android smartphone, you need to buy a $9 app called DSLR controller. You connect to the camera through USB, and then you can control just about anything.

Why, you’re even going to be able to see what the camera sees, right on your phone screen. If an iPhone is what you have, you’ll need a $20 app called DSLR camera remote, and you can control Canon and Nikon cameras.

Hacking WIFI – it’s easy to do

The first thing you need to do to hack wifi is to download software called BackTrack 5 Live DVD. This makes hacking wifi super easy to do!

Backtrack is a software package that’s loaded to the gills with network testing tools. You can burn it on DVD once it’s downloaded, and you should be ready to go.

Put the DVD in your drive. It’s a bootable disk. You should restart your computer and boot to the software. It doesn’t install on Windows or anything. Then, you install Reaver. You probably need to look elsewhere on the Internet for detailed information how you do this, but it’s pretty easy. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

This is so cool!

Once you fire Reaver up, it will ask you for your Wi-Fi adapter’s name and the BSSID of the router you’re trying to hack into. Don’t worry – you will see a list of all the wireless signals that it finds, and it will display their BSSIDs too. You just need to grab something that catches your fancy, and you’re done.

Raw Photography – Quality They Never Thought Would Be For Real!

RAW images are better quality than JPEGS which are heavily compressed.

Almsot every digital camera captures images in raw and uncompressed form. But since raw photography like this can use your memory cards up really quickly, your camera will usually quickly compress every image in the JPEG format.

Most compact point-and-shoot cameras don’t really allow you to dabble in raw photography. They don’t allow you to access their raw format image captures and use them. If you’re interested in doing that, you’ll have to look up a guide on how to access those files in your camera.

Before you actually go to the trouble of doing that though, you do have to sell yourself on the merits of raw photography. Do you really want the quality that comes with raw photography?

Can you tell the difference?

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